does creatine cause hair loss

does creatine cause hair loss

Kidney points

There are moreover points that creatine would possibly damage the kidneys. A 2018 evaluationTrusted Provide found that creatine had no damaging outcomes on kidney function in healthful folks.

Nonetheless, in case you will have underlying kidney points, likelihood is you will wish to steer clear of taking creatine dietary dietary supplements.

Protected for adults

As compared with totally different dietary dietary supplements, creatine has been extensively studied in relation to ergogenic benefits. When taken in appropriate doses, creatine is safe to utilize, consistent with the Worldwide Society of Sports activities actions Vitamin.

Furthermore, in a 2017 place assertionTrusted Provide, the Worldwide Society of Sports activities actions Vitamin says that using creatine inside the proper pointers is safe, environment friendly, and ethical.

There are few analysis assessing the results of long-term creatine use. Nonetheless, some older analysis (in 2001Trusted Source and 2003Trusted Source) with athletes have indicated that long-term use of creatine doesn’t lead to any hostile effectively being outcomes.

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